Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes Region, of Ontario

The following Councillors voted (6 to 5) to sell Peterborough Electric Services to Ontario Hydro: Darrell Bennett, Dan McWilliams, Andrew Beamer, Henry Clarke, Lesley Parnell and Dave Haacke. This same group again voted against the wishes of the people and voted to continue the Parkway (6 to 5). Your vote, your choice!
As for the logo. The P,R and I are in Conservative blue. The T, E and O are in Liberal red. The B, G and N are in NDP orange. When you combine those colours you end up with the BROWN used on the O with the maple leaf, the & symbol plus the word commentary. We found that colour result interesting or a Freudian Slip at best.

Peterborough, Kawartha Region, Ontario & Canada

  • Khadar apology and settlement about violation of Charter rights, Trudeau says. ($10,000,000 +)
    Only a Liberal Prime Minister would, pity, heh!
    A total of 159 Canadian Forces personnel have been killed in the war since 2002.
    To each of the 159, RIP and thank you. js - 07/17
    Every cloud does have a silver lining, this should be the end of the Liberal Party of Canada. After Jean Chretien it was chastised and set aside but this move alone should ensure that it would be on the trash pile of history. If not I have badly misunderstood Canadians for I feel even the Quebec Liberal base will leave as will Toronto. Locally we all need to make sure this act is publicized till it is reversed and the Liberal Party of Canada is no more.
    Compare this current Liberal Party to that of the last Conservative Party and it is like a child took over from an adult.

  • Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal visits seven U.S. states to advocate for Ontario farmers
    I'm sure that has them shaking in their boots, a visit from a Canadian Liberal. js - 07/17
    It baffles the mind to think that we would waste money sending anyone down to a country that has just discarded the yoke of Liberalism. Egg Marketing Boards, Milk Marketing Boards are not the things a free people aspire to. These are tools of collectives solidly based on the doctrines of Lenin and Trotsky. The sad part is the Liberal Party was a great Party, slightly to left of centre whereas now it just left. I even voted for Pierre Trudeau by voting Liberal locally and consider that the biggest mistake, politically, I've made.
    Just as our neighbour to the south has put their Liberals away, just like we did after Chretien, we must again do the same thing but make it permanent this time out.
    We beat the Americans by doing that after Chretien and ended up with the most competent government of the last 100 years and threw it all away for the same reason as the USA, Fake news. In that line the CBC must go and go swiftly, no downsizing simply one year’s notice of termination of funding. The Khadar issue shows how easily these Liberals will spend our hard earned money to in effect buy votes.

  • Peterborough tumbles down the 'best places to live in Canada' list
    From 40th best place in Canada to 199th, with a Liberal MP and MPP!
    Who'd have thunk it? js - 07/17
    If you wonder why then simply look at some of the things we've done and not done. Sold off our electric utility against the will of the people, built an unneeded Parkway against the will of the people, attempted to spend $75,000,000 to annex land that will bring no value other then expansion, funded an airport that sees no profit other then claims of $50,000,000 spin off - proof please, consultants hired at every turn of the dime instead of using or replacing the paid for bureaucracy in place and the list of wasted spending goes on.
    So please don't wonder why but wonder why did we do this to ourselves by electing people who really don't think like we do and if they do be happy with the results.
    Like most communities we have lost, for the most part, our manufacturing base and this kind of rating will lose us retirees re-locating to the region and erode the confidence of businesses who might consider relocating here.


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