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Events, as you are no doubt aware, are fluid as times, terms and conditions can change. To get you the most up to date information we have simply provided links to official events listings. If you require more we suggest Trip Advisor and search the town or region you are interested in. Nothing speaks louder then praise or complaint from those who have been there. These links encompass our site ( and are also posted at and here,

Peterborough & Region Events Links

EVENT LINKS: Trenton & Quinte Region ~ Campbellford & Northumberland Region ~ Hastings ~ Peterborough, Lindsay & Kawartha Region ~ Beaverton ~ Orillia ~ Georgian Bay ~ Trip Advisor

MAP LINKS: You will be taken to inner pages on our site and quick links in three categories are there for 35 towns along The Trent Severn Waterway. Street Maps ~ Grocery Store Locations ~ LCBO & Beer Store Locations

We were the regions first Internet provider and have found through our experience, that sites that reproduce listings such as events, festivals and the like end up wasting time with their own verbiage and make things difficult to find, inaccurate or both. Experience is the one commodity that has to be earned through hard work not by simply following. We attempt to lead you to what we believe are the best listing sites and we always rank Trip Advisor number one.

On our news sections we will do an editorial once a week and plan on doing brief outlines of one or two current articles per day. That will start with the completion of our Peterborough and Kawartha Region site, We plan at that point to start introducing some of our other sites;, and

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