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There is no such thing as a department that cannot be improved! There is no such thing as a department that cannot generate cost savings without loss of quality or service! Without bad management there is no such thing as a bad employee! Management change, political or otherwise, creates a positive environment when needed! We need it!
Mohatma Ghandi Said.... "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

Peterborough is situated in Central Ontario with the highest hydraulic lift lock in the world and leads to the Kawartha Lakes via The Trent Severn Waterway. It is a tourist and retirement area supported by Federal, Provincial and Municipal government agencies along with education and health facilities. We are creating 4 news sites, View The Right Side Bar, a big project, yes we know and will. As a Canadian, I desire no future that disrespects our past.


Local Bus - Advertising

Here's a great example of why government should keep their hands off of the private sector. You, government, govern for all the people and not just some. You cannot create laws at the whim of a few at a cost to few others. Speaking of costs and in the case of buses you are taking the bread out of the mouth of private sector. Media companies and others, that survive on advertising.
Only Communist regimes compete against themselves!
But you know, I'm still just me!!!
Editorial, April 5, 2017

Hospital Parking - Toronto Costs

Why in the name of all that's holy do we always compare to Toronto. Want to compare, well compare disposable income. Someone in Peterborough doing the same job for the same pay has a $12,000 to $20,000 per year advantage over the same person in Toronto. So let's not go there. The day the NDP planted the MNR in Peterborough was the beginning of the end for the private sector here. World economics escalated that time frame. Now we have absolutely no advantages over Toronto other then a smaller work force that is not as transient. Now the employer must compete with Toronto in a region with a much smaller, less specialized work force and other then a better environment for the employee there is no advantage, only disadvantages.
This all leads to the comment that the Hospital feels justified to make 400% profit from parking because they are cheaper then Toronto. $3,000,000 with an out of pocket cost of $600,000 that's 400% profit above costs. Let's put this into the real world, an undocumented tax at best. Let's go further into the real world; a developed acre of land can be had for roughly $250,000 in Peterborough and $2,500,000 in Toronto. Having said that then Peterborough Hospital parking should max out at $2.00 instead of $10.00. 10% of the cost of the Toronto parking to keep things in THEIR perspective. Amazing, $2.00 would be 20% and 20% of $3,000,000 is $600,000 hence covering the costs they claim. Funny how the real world works isn't it. Logic versus greed!
So let's drop the rate to $4.00 per day maximum and you will still collect $1,200,000. $600,000 in costs plus an additonal $600,000 in profits, undocumented taxes! That is 100% profit! There isn't a business on the face of the earth that wouldn't jump for joy if they could think in terms of 100% PROFIT.
But you know, I'm still just me!!!
Editorial, April 5, 2017

From The West - Is Best

Le's think about a couple of things,
Trudeau - Quebec
Bombardier - Mainly Quebec
Bailout - Bombardier
Executive Salary Exploitation
Past Liberal Scandals
Let's just think about that for a minute.
Canada, it seems, has always run best when the Prime Minister comes from the West and the party in power are the Conservatives. When I think of bad Prime Ministers I think of Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Trudeau. One of those is, simply, a Liberal in Conservative threads.

But you know, I'm still just me!!!
Editorial, April 3, 2017

$100,000 PLUS CLUB

One thing to say and only one thing.
Please media, visit "major" local businesses and ask them to give you the number of people earning in excess of $100,000. Not names, just numbers because the private sector is just that, private.
If less in the private sector are in those brackets then you have to ask yourself, how can we continue paying those numbers in the public sector? The private sector, the only ones carrying the freight (filling the tax pot out where all the of the public sector dips), must earn the same or more.
What do you think, does Canada need her swamp drained too?

But you know, I'm still just me!!!
Editorial, April 3, 2017

The Gift - That Wasn't

Don't you just love your local MP or MPP coming in and doling out your cash as if was their own. Basking in the glory and love of it all while those who fill the pot are too busy working to, you know, fill the pot.
They remind me of people who give anonymously and then run around telling everyone what they did. I suppose the ego is larger then the heart. You know what I mean, "Hey, don't tell anyone but I gave $1,000 dollars to the such and such because it helps poor people". Duh... OK.
Well that's exactly what the MP and MPP are doing. Look how hard I'm working for you to give your money to whomever without even asking you. That's because I'm brighter then you are and I can just make the decision. Now if they weren't egomaniacs, each and every elected official out there, they would simply publish a list. That would simply say the Government of Canada or wherever has bequeathed on your behalf so many dollars to such and such.
Does that make me an egomaniac for wanting those who receive the gift to know that each and every hard working Canadian who fill that pot, pays that bill to give.
So come on, put some humility into the thing. Show us you made a really tough decision and are giving from the heart not the head or the place you sit. Oh and stop all the wasteful advertising, we get tired of seeing your mug shot, spending our money, on every venture large or small it seems.
Hopefully, you also understand, that when you give to one company for example, you are taking from another company, that may very well be the competitor of the one getting the booty. Weaken one to lose business so another can get that business. That's the reason government should stick to governing and let business stick to business.
As socialists your favourite phrase must be "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". That only works in one system and Canada hasn't dropped to that level yet.
That's my bit for today and tomorrow is Friday so we'll be saying, TGIF.
Whoops is TGIF still politically correct or do we need to say T*IF. It does sound more colourful, graphically speaking, but just doesn't fit with the Canadian Way!
But you know, I'm still just me!!!

Editorial, March 30, 2017

Holy Cow - Can We Do That?

  • APARTMENTS, from $508 per month
  • TOWN HOUSES, from $650 per month
  • HOMES. from $720 per month

Where can I get these? Well, you have to go to Elliot Lake. A community that appears to have assessed itself and decided they are a retirement town. That's true innovation, understanding your weaknesses and acting on them to build strength. Pie in the sky ideas, concepts, committees, consultants or anything else that only churns wheels, create costs but really in the end accomplishes little. That is not innovation it is stagnation, accompanied by slow death.
When you become a community like Peterborough has, you need to innovate. Being one who doesn't like taking others ideas, I find here that I must. Innovation here involves taking the best of two or three communities who were in a similar position. Communities that have turned the corner and adapted new concepts to their particular needs.
The model I chose to talk about is Elliot Lake. It is the most desirable for Peterborough. Simply because we can do better and offer more. Why do I say that?

  • Proximity to Toronto

  • Multiple Transit systems and routes to Toronto.

  • Milder Climate

  • Tourism resources abound.

  • Reasonable Central Core with excellent malls.

  • Entire town is serviced by public transit.

  • Regional Health Centre.

  • College and University

  • Artists and artisans region

  • Markets, Festivals and more

Some will say, but you forgot the Airport. I'll discuss the Airport at a later time along with annexation, toxic land and more.
So what needs to be done. Many things but first get the landlords together, establish a fair market price for apartments, condos, semi-detached and detached homes. A monopoly by any other name is still a monopoly but without a combined effort the model cannot be duplicated.
What does Elliot Lake offer that we don't? A municipal government that works to reduce taxes and costs. They did some deep studies on all municipal services and utilized provincial and regional services were advantageous. There are many areas that can be studied and with a bit of help from provincial legislation we can have some major cost reductions here as well.
Looking at a 3 bedroom bungalow in Elliot Lake the stated taxes are $1,551. That may or may not be typical as I haven't gone into too deep but it is as starting point.
We have options here in Peterborough. We can carry on with the tax and spend crowd or we improve our services and lower our costs. We stop looking at pie in the sky and stop funding those who can only do that. We need to assess just what we are, before we can even start to think about what direction to go. We have the cart in front of the horse. If you notice even the auto industry understands that the pull system works much better then the push system.
A long winded statement that simply says we need to get realistic!
Editorial, March 29, 2017

Political Correctness - A Pet Peeve

It's not how a person says something it's what that person is saying! That's all that counts.
The smug and self-loving elitists believe that using some terms over others is what sets us apart from the animals. You can find these individuals hovering over every word someone says. They are actually naive enough to believe that how a person says something defines them, rather then what they are saying. I agree, when you point to and out political correctness you are defining yourself as valueless individual only capable of teaching and not of being in the real world.
I have found that the smaller the mind the larger the words they use. The smaller the mind the more complex they attempt to make their statements sound. The smaller the mind the better the entertainment their words provide to those who live in, yes, the real world. I also believe that fanaticism is a relative of fantasy and those who would attempt to force their perverted ways on others are living an existence that in reality, is not living at all They are called, by what is not politically correct, sheeple, led by the leaderless class to humour the rest.
These types must go through life patting themselves on the back daily. Telling themselves and all who will listen just how great they are. Elitists of the new socialist order must recruit and train them so the common folk can have a laugh at their jesters.
You cannot mandate normalness. You can only mandate laws and when those laws tell people how to speak or how not to speak it is a perversion of freedom. Most things in life need to be earned, respect is the highest reward for a life well lived. How much respect do you garner when you spend your life looking down on others.
Hear what a person is saying, not what yuo want them to say or how you want them to say it.

Editorial, March 28, 2017

Lawyer Wanted - Potential Class Action Suit

It seems the wanton spending by the City of Peterborough after rolling out project after project such annexation, expropriation and many more indicate one thing, they have money. That money is burning a hole in their pocket and that money rightfully belongs to each and everyone who has contributed to make PDI a valuable commodity. A commodity the City was given by the Provincial government at no charge and they, the City, immediately, placed a multi-million dollar lien against the utility.
If there is a lawyer in the house who wants a real class action lawsuit here it is. Work for nothing but take 25% of the spoils and represent each and everyone who is affected and wants to be represented.
This must be started before they spend the booty. First thing the money needs to be locked up tight, until a suit is settled.
We would of course want you to sue for your fee as well, 25% of $70,000,000 means a potential $17,500,000. I'm sure you've had better days but what the heck, stoop down. I'll be writing to some large firms who specialize in this as well.
Remember, Ontario Hydro might fall into one of the cracks for not really ensuring the stake holders were in agreement. These concerns were voiced by many, meeting after meeting that all fell on deaf ears.
There's the gauntlet, to be picked up or left.
In this author's opinion it's time we elected people with our best interest at heart.

Editorial, March 27, 2017

LDSS to be Demolished - Questions Spring Eternal

Sure it's only one wing, sure we paid to have it built and now we'll pay to have it torn down and then we'll pay again at some point in the future to have it rebuilt.
Why not try something different for a change. Why not turn it into doctors, dentists, accountants or consultants offices or all of the above. You know, try to make some money on it to lessen the burden on the public, rather then increase it. Even less work if you lease it out to a company that will do al that for you!
I know, I know our little darlings won't be safe with cars going by. Have you heard of multiple speed bumps, have you heard of fences, you know, fence our little darlings in. It's a school right? Schools are supposed to be places of learning and as important, places of competent teaching. They can teach our little darlings how to behave when not on a field or elsewhere.
Just a suggestion, for until we get our very own Donald Trump maybe, just maybe we can avoid that and have the public sector become competent and responsible for their actions or inactions, as the case might be.
Please stop electing people who can only figure out how to spend money and appoint or hire those with the same open purse attitude.

Editorial, March 25, 2017

Annexation - part 3 - I misspoke

I admit it, I misspoke (nice politically correct term simply meaning lied). Sorry, for a minute I must have thought I was a politician. But you know, I'm still just me!!!
We're not waiting for the archives, we have some information and depending on how the annexation situation turns out will depend on how or if we use that. One little thing is a suggestion that some of that land may be toxic, we need some proof of that.

We will be doing the archives in a day or so, we are also attempting to get up and running.

Editorial PTBOregion, March 25, 2017

Organizing - Archives

We apologize for no article, we are just organizing the Archive areas.

  • Coming soon, more on Annexation based on some comments we've received
  • Right after that we'll talk about the Expropriation that's just started
  • When we're done with our archive area only the latest article plus links to the last five will be on the homepage.
  • Please remember the two articles at the very bottom will be here, on the homepage for a long time

Annexation - part 2 - rewritten

We’re only changing maintenance companies, we’re not buying the land!
The question is who benefits from the change?
That’s a simple one. The landowners’ benefit and the county and city both lose as one gives up annual revenue and the other takes on more costs to fulfill services required. So why are we paying $75,000,000 why aren’t they, the landowners, paying? I’m sure the brain trust will tell you two things, they will pay in the long run and we need it to get industry to locate here. Baloney, baloney salami.
They’re wrong again. Till you fix the root cause you will never entice industry here other then the kind that relies on the tax pot to keep them in business. You know, something like our cash hog the airport that was supposed to bring business and generate profits. Speaking of the airport aren’t there TOXIC LANDS there so who is going to pay for the cleanup, the County or the City after spending $75,000,000. Good money after bad it’s called.
Let’s start at the backend and pretend we’re buying
Pay $10,000 per acre very generous.
Mortgage the whole thing at 3% over 25 years.
That’s a $41,400,000 mortgage.
Cost, P&I, over the 25 years, $58,777,200
Where on earth did the $75,000,000 come from?
$16,000,000 unexplained and yes some of the land already has properties on it, we know, we’re not politicians.
Repeat: We’re only changing maintenance companies. We’re not buying the land. Both maintenance companies, Township and City, are not for profit.
This is really a Provincial Problem that needs to be fixed at that end of things. They can mandate that the losing entity from annexation must be compensated, say 5 years, of property taxes on the parcel based on an average of the last three years. But wait, it won’t buy them votes! It won’t let them look like big timers spending our money like drunken sailors on leave that they borrow in the first place!
The dog and pony show about services is just that, a dog and pony show. Services stay as they are until a reason, payment in like and kind, is created to change that. Usually that reason is that a developer will want to use a large tract of that land for a subdivision and will need services from the City such as sewers, water all without electric consideration now that we can no longer supply our own needs. Those kinds of costs can go on the backend of property taxes for a certain number of years.
Current taxes charged, after annexation, would provide the ongoing basic services. Protection, trash pick up, road maintenance and all the other good things already in place. Some services need to be increased, maybe. We would collect the current tax base and that would include all current services provided by the county for that region. By them joining a larger entity, the City of Peterborough, we should actually realize a savings there. Remember the sale of PDI; one of the glowing reasons was that we would be better served by a larger entity.
This City it seems, treats taxpayers as if they are mushrooms that spew dollars at the City's behest. Sadly that has been the way it was!
Are we really ALL in this together. Let’s rethink that.

Editorial, March 13, 2017


Annexation - part 1

It never ceases to amaze how most politicians can only solve a problem in one way, throw money at it, our money. This annexation issue is simply silly.

The county should willingly give up the land with the following conditions. They should be compensated for 5 years of lost property taxes on the affected properties. This payment by a City should be in a single lump sum. Regulation loving Liberals in Toronto should mandate that as a rule, with the side note that 50% or more of affected property owners need to agree to the annexation. So here's a scapegoat to blame if you can’t get your way, property owners making the final decision. Heaven forbid, the long sought electoral reform.

Most property owners would go for Annexation, as in the long run it would increase the value of their properties as services were added. Case in point, the Lily Lake Road farms that might have been worth in the hundreds of thousands as farms sold in multiple millions to developers. Who wouldn’t go for that kind of a profit jump other then true land lovers?

It’s to the Unelectric City’s benefit. Even if development was five years off or more, other then a few added expenses, they would recoup their 5-year tax payment from the current property owners. No fuss, no muss, no bother and no change to that point. A done deal and ka-ching go the two municipal cash registers, also known as a bureaucrat’s slot machine.

So what’s the problem? Is that too simple? A clear, easy formula signed off by all parties with the final voice left up to the people involved. We call it freedom and forcing something we call that dictatorial.

How can something so simple require so many man-hours to mess up by our Municipal Politicians and their minions? Maybe it’s not about results but about getting five minutes of fame. Or justifying man-hours to fill the time. Or maybe someone saw a pie in the sky payout, raised expectations and then reality set in. Now neither of the two kiddies will say, "whoops we erred"!

So how about it Jeffery, like “kids in the sand box” drag those two out, kicking and screaming if need be. Confer with Mommy in Toronto and git-r-done! No need for a long legal missive. All that is needed is a definition of the vote. That definition should simply be: each Municipal tax dollar assessed on affected properties over the past 3 year period equals the number of votes given to the current person responsible for paying the municipal taxes on the affected property. So simple, even Toronto might understand it as a regulation by the people and for the people.

Editorial, March 11, 2017

NEWS, is it FALSE or are YOU?

Simply visit almost any news source to find the Chicken Little type proclaiming the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Well it’s not. News, not unlike most businesses, is in a transition. Also, like most businesses, some things they project are false and some are not. A neutral, truly neutral news source is difficult to find. They place you in their little gangs of Liberal or Conservative, anti or pro this or that and I could create a list longer then the print or dialogue of most news sources.
You have to be a realist and take a, you know, realistic look at what is being said and who is saying it. You have to evaluate does this source have a bias and if so can I trust anything they say. Instead of creating a class culture of sex, colour, religion or origin, a culture that professes and adheres to different levels of competence would generate positives instead of divisive biases. You cannot make decisions based on a bias or mandate. Decisions can only be the best when you place the best fitting square peg in the square hole and round peg in the round hole. Anything else is a degree of incompetence.
The other side of the coin is your own bias. If you don’t keep an open mind and hear what the other biased side says, then you won’t ever know. To read, what those you disagree with say, means you are choice neutral and probably a good friend to have regardless of differences. Funny how most marriage relationships that seem to work best are created by opposite personalities in action and thought. On the other hand most friendship relationships that works best are similar personalities in action and thought. Having said that you’ve no doubt made your best choice in marriage and your worst choice in association.
What on earth does this have to do with news you ask? Well think about it. The news source you are drawn to is like your friend, they massage your ego by having you think that the whole world thinks just like you. Maybe it's time to start treating it as a marriage and expand your horizons. Include those who don't appeal to your bias but who actually challenge you intellectually. Expand your horizons so you can make more informed decisions.
Yes there is false news, yes there is bias and yes you have the choice to make your own decision and base those on what you perceive to be facts. That’s what separates those who lead from those who blindly follow.
Editorial, March 9, 2017


The Sale of YOUR Utility

The sale of PDI. Mayor Daryl Bennett and Councilors; Dan McWilliams, Henry Clarke, Andrew Beamer, Lesley Parnell and Dave Haacke voted in favour of the sale. Councilors; Diane Therrien, Dean Pappas, Don Vassiliadis, Gary Baldwin and Keith Riel voted against the sale. Depending on how you believe this should be a big part of your voting decision in the next Municipal Election.
If you think you will see any proceeds forget it. They are busy spending it already. Costly studies like the silly arena and hotel/condo complex downtown on the Peterborough Works Property that never needed to be moved, this writer's opinion. Contrary to what you are told that the City could not enter into arrangement with PDI, the Works actually took care of PDI vehicles that will now cease, a reduction in work, not an increase. The list of spending opportunities they are exploring is as long as it is bad.
To end on a positive note, thank you Dean Del Mastro it seems your railroad is about to become a reality. Dean was a builder and uniter not a single issue person.

Police Services

OCPC has taken control of OUR PETERBOROUGH "Civilian" Police Board. Our current Mayor claims this to be a "tremendous victory" for the community. He was just absolved of the crime of trying to do his job as mayor. This is not a victory but is a major blow against the community! Some say, get a competitive quote, an OPP quote. Other rumours persist that the City of Peterborough is subsidizing the policing cost for Lakefield and Millbrook. An OPP quote makes sense as the Province is now running the show and if they can do it as well, embed current staff and at a lower cost then let them have it! If I read the police act correctly the province will subsidize a community for using the OPP. Here is the OPP billing platform for 2017.
Our current average cost appears to be around $625 per property (residential and business). How much is Lakefield and Millbrook paying per property?

City of Peterborough, Branded

The City of Peterborough is fishing for a a new brand. As it can no longer claim The Electric City, since dumping our Electric Utility, PDI, try Unelectric City with the tag line "lots of gas and limited brightness".
Editorial, March 12, 2017



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